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Winter Tires for the Season

Choose the Right Tires for Canadian Winter Roads

When another Canadian winter is looming, it’s another unpleasant reminder of having to winterize your vehicle again. But this winter, consider winter tires and the many benefits of using them. It gets pretty cold here in Spruce Grove, so here are a few of the biggest situations in which you should consider changing to a set of winter tires instead of using all-seasons:

You Live in Canada

Yes, winter in Canada can bring lots of fun such as hockey, hot chocolate and cozy fireplaces. As many of us know, winter can also bring dreadful road conditions, that's why changing your tires from summer to snow tires is the safest practice during these colder seasons.

Snow tires are made with a rubber compound that does not lose any flexibility below 7°. Winter tires must be able to move and flex in order for the tread to do a proper job. Unlike all-season tires, the rubber compound in winter tires adapts to colder temperatures and maintains its flex functionality with the temperature drop.

Winter tires are a must for anyone who lives in an area that will reach below 0° temperatures for the winter months. You don’t want to be caught in snowy unpredictable conditions in Spruce Grove without these tires on your vehicle.

You Drive to Work

Once December weather comes by, all-season tires just don’t cut it anymore. Winter tires are designed to work in subzero temperatures as they maintain their flexibility much better. All-season tires aren’t designed to preform adequately in these conditions. Once it hits 7°, the rubber compound in all-season tires gets cold, hard and slippery, making for a dangerous situation as you drive.

Winter tires feature an aggressive tread pattern meant to conquer icy road conditions. The tread channels water out from under the tire’s footprint, bites into the ice and snow, and then pushes the material away, offering superior traction.

If you drive to work or travel often, it is safer for both you and your passengers to leave equipped with winter tires. We'll make this tire change quick and easy for you at Zender Ford.

You Want Your Summer Tires / All-Seasons to Last

By investing in winter tires and using them, you’re sparing your summer tires or all season tires from a lot of hardship. You won’t have to replace them nearly as soon or as often, and that certainly will save you money down the road.

Our tire professionals at Zender Ford can help you find the tires for sale that are best suited for you. Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you!

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